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Diamox is used to treat glaucoma and to treat and prevent acute mountain sickness (altitude sickness).

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Amlodipine generic version from the "GitHub" link below. A simple and useful library to help your application easily load JSON data from a RESTful service or API and render them with Ember.js. Installation npm install jdjson.json Usage First you gotta set up some environment variables. This library can do for you but I have provided a simple example. I will use the following settings. export JSON_OPTIONS = JSONOPTS:{ "keys": true, "values": true } The keys parameter controls of your JSON object. If you want to use strings, remove the '#' characters from keys and you'll get the same results as above. export JSON_OPTIONS={ "key1": null, "key2": "key3": "key4": null } The values parameter controls a Acetazolamide generic price list of values that correspond to the keys of your JSON object (except keys 1, 2 and 4 ). If you don't want to use the keys parameter you can leave them out completely. Let's say we wish to use the following JSON object of customer names. { "name": "Alice", "email": "", "street": "123 Main St", "zip": "45678", "city": "San Francisco", "country": "US", "street1": "123 Main Street" } You could use the same set of options to do the same as below. export JODATA = JSONOPTS:{ "keys": true, "values": true } export JSON = Ember.Object.extend({}) Ember.Json.extend({ jdk : { version '1.7.10', defaultOptions keys : false } }, json { version : '1.0.2', defaultOptions properties { key1 : type string, required true } }, key2 : { type string, required true } }, json_params : { json_opts 'key1' 'value1' }, 'key2' : 'value2' } }) export JODATA = { name : 'Alice' email ' Street1: 123 Main St Zip: 45678 City: San Francisco Country: US Street1: "123 Main St" } export JODATA = JSON { name : 'Bob' email ' Street1: 123 Main Street ' json_opts : { 'key1' 'value1' }, 'key2' : 'value2' } 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 export JSON = Ember. Object. Extend ( { } ) export JSON = Ember. Json. Extend ( { } ) export JSON = Ember. Json. Extend ( { jdk : version '1.7.10', defaultOptions { keys : false } }, json { version : '1.0.2', defaultOptions properties { key1 : type string, required true } }, key2 : { type string, required true } }, json _ params : { opts 'key1')