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Sponsored by the Convention Goers Fellowship

Tuesday, June 13, 2016  - Omni Hotel—Atlanta, GA

6:30 PM  -  Fellowship Hour (no host bar)
7:30 PM: Dinner & Brief Program
(Seared Chicken stuffed with mushroom duxelle OR
Gourmet Vegetarian Pasta )
Make meal choice when purchasing tickets online

(Until 4/30/17) Early Bird Discount Ticket
(5/1/17 thru 6/30/17) Standard Ticket Price
SPACE IS LIMITED to 150!!!  Register NOW for Early Bird Discount
(Full refunds* will be honored through May 13, 2017
*less all online processing fees
No reserved seating — Arrive early to save a table for your group
Dress for Men: 
Coat & Tie
s for Women:  Evening wear or Cocktail
Purchase Tickets online at

Dinner, non-alcoholic beverages, Soup, Salad and & Dessert
24% Hotel Service fee, 8% Georgia sales tax &
Online Credit Card Processing fee. 
Also includes one Raffle Ticket ($10.00 value)
for the
 $1500 Opal Pendant raffle
donated by Costello’s Opals of Sydney, Australia.
All proceeds contributed to
Additional tickets available at event.

Note:  The Omni Hotel has been selected due to its proximity
 to the Georgia World Congress Center. The Rotary Foundation
Major Donor Reception is being held at the Omni on the same
evening. For those who want to attend both events there
will be plenty of time after the reception to join the
Reunion and enjoy even more fellowship before
dinner is served  so you can continue celebrating

“One Hundred Years of Doing Good in the World”


Organizer:  Harriett Schloer, Fellowship Executive Secretary
Phone:  (USA) +1-541-388-7342



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