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Blindness Prevention Projects

Since the very beginning of our Action Group we have been involved with hundreds of Blindness Prevention projects including more than one million free cataract surgeries.  Our founder, Past RI President Frank Devlyn was the heart and soul of our Action Group and was passionate about anything and everything related to Blindness Prevention.  Under his guidance and input over the years we made valuable connections around the world with manufacturers of BP products such a cataract implant kits and the latest ophthalmic equipment for detection of varius vision diseases as well as surgical equipment. 

The PowerPoint program that you can view below was used for a breakout session during the Rotary Conventions in Salt Lake City as well as Bangcock Thailand.  On both occasions, it was presented by our Action Group's Past President Dr. Kenneth D. Tuck , an Ophthalmologist who is also the past President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  Over the years, Dr. Tuck has made it possible for Ken's Rotary Club working with our Action Group to sponsor young physicians from India and Africa to receive six months of training in the United States working with some of the world's most reknowned ophthalmic surgeons.

The PowerPoint below is not set up to run automatically.  This is because we have included the narrative for each slide in the program so you can read them at your own pace.  It will open with the title slide and from there you will need to "click" through to advance the slides.  There are 33 slides and the entire program takes about 12 minutes.  It showcases a variety of Blindness Prevention projects over the year.  After you view it and return to the Convention Booth screen click on the Chat Box and give us your thoughts.

Blindness Prevention Projects, Power Point

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