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Action Group Endorsement Policy

We have had inquiries from our members requesting that our Action Group officially “endorse, sponsor, and/or support” developing projects and or initiatives (fund raising endeavors) being sponsored by clubs(s) or district(s) of our Action Group members.  As there was no Action Group policy regarding this, it has been difficult for our leadership to address these requests.  With the October 2006 RI Board of Directors requirement that the ByLaws of all Action Groups be revised to comply with the new RI Standard ByLaws for Action Groups, and with specific instructions instructions provided to our Chairman by RI's legal department and the RI staff, our Executive Committee has developed the following Endorsement Policy.

Policy on Endorsements (December 2006)

The Rotarian Action Group for Blindness Prevention shall not "officially endorse, sponsor or support" any product, project or initiative presented to the Action Group by an active member of the Action Group or other Rotarian and shall not approve the use of the Action Group Name and/or logo in conjunction with any such endeavor in advertising, promotional material, or other documents (including various media).  These endeavors shall be posted on the Action Group web site on either the "Projects Seeking Partners" page or the "Developing Initiatives" page for interested individuals to pursue on their own with a disclaimer on each page clearly stating that the endeavor is not officially endorsed, sponsored or supported by the Action Group and that the posting of the endeavor is for information purposes only. 

Approved by the Executive Committee on 13 December 2006
Posted on this web site on 12/14/06

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